Georgi Karadzhov

I am a PhD at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Andreas Vlachos. We will work on dialogue systems research, focused on conversation augmentation and goal-oriented dialogue management. Concretely, I am leading the DEliBot project – a cross-discipline, multi-institution project, focused on developing dialogue systems that can improve how people deliberate and collaborate together. Project website:

I was part of the organisation of conferences such as Truth and Trust Online and the Deliberation4Good workshop. Further, I organised the Cambridge NLIP seminars and PyData Sofia meetup. Finally, if you participated in fact-checking or online trust shared tasks, there is a high likelihood that I was one of the organisers. See more info on my Outreach page!

Finally, I am starting a newsletter where I share various findings and academic, industrial, and life updates. Subscribe here!


  • PhD 2019-now

    PhD Student in NLP

    University of Cambridge

  • TA 2016-2018

    Teaching Assistant

    Sofia University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

  • M.Sc. 2015-2017

    Master of Computer Science, Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery

    Sofia University

  • B.Sc. 2011-2015

    Bachelor of Applied Mathematics

    Technical University of Sofia

Industrial Experience